Solutions and Technology

Custom-developed, culinary-quality beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. 

At Miniat we're committed to creating completely customized meats through a highly-collaborative approach. Fresh or frozen, whole muscle, slices, dices, or shreds, Miniat will create the right product to fit your sizing, pricing, and flavor profile needs.

Our sales team will guide you through the process as you work with our chefs and R&D experts to develop a product exactly to your liking. We'll come to your kitchen or host you in our Culinary Center where we have the same equipment found in your restaurant.

Miniat has been cooking sous-vide for over 30 years. Sous-vide (French for under vacuum) cooking has many benefits, such as consistently producing tender, succulent products, maximizing the flavor of the meat since it's cooked in its own juices, and reduced handling thanks to  special film designed to hold up throughout the cook and chill phases. With Miniat's computer-controlled temperature monitoring system, your products are safely cooked in an energy-efficient manner.