Eating habits are shifting in America, with more meals being prepared either from scratch or as a blended meal, combining pre-cooked elements of a dish from carryout restaurants and grocery stores. Many believe this change is a direct response to COVID-19. While the global pandemic is increasing the popularity of cooking at home both today and projected into the future, this trend was already growing and simply accelerated as Americans began to shelter at home.

In a 2018 study from The NPD Group, they found that over 80% of dinners were prepared and eaten at home in 2017. This is an increase from a similar survey conducted ten years prior, showing the transition in cooking trends pre-COVID.

However, In light of restaurant closings and consumer concern, the cook-at-home trend has increased even more in recent months, with 54% of respondents to the Hunter Food Study Report: America Gets Cooking, stating that they are now cooking more than the already elevated trend prior to the pandemic. While countless surveys indicate that Americans miss dining out, the report also identifies that for many, cooking at home will become the new normal, with more than half of respondents stating that they will continue to cook more at home when COVID-19 comes to an end.

Even though cooking at home can’t replace the restaurant experience, grocery stores, now more than ever, have the opportunity to satisfy their customer’s demand for safe, convenient, restaurant-quality proteins.

Miniat Premium, Sous-vide Cooked Meats at Home

For the first time, premium, sous-vide cooked meats that your customers enjoy at their favorite restaurant are now available for private-label sales. From our 120-year-old roots of providing the highest quality meats to butcher shops, to more than 30 years as a pioneer in providing sous-vide pre-cooked proteins to leading CPG, Prepared Foods, and Restaurant Brands, Miniat is now offering fully-cooked protein solutions, ready for your brand for retail sale.

All of our Retail-Ready Products are:

  • Premium, Restaurant Quality Meats
  • Seasoned and Sous-vide Cooked to Retain Maximum Moisture
  • Sealed and Fully-Cooked in a Pasteurized Pouch for Additional Food Safety Confidence
  • Available with a 90-Day Shelf Life
  • Easy-to-Reheat and Includes Instructions
  • Private-Label Ready
  • Product of the USA

Three Delicious New Products, Three Convenient Sizes

Currently, we are offering three delicious products. These three products were selected because of their popular taste appeal, as well as their versatility in menu-planning, allowing your customers to serve countless meals utilizing the same product, creating the potential for regular repeat purchases.

  • Braised Beef Roast is incredibly versatile and can be served in hearty beef stews, sandwiches like a Hoagie with Dip, or alongside roasted carrots and potatoes for a classic Pot Roast Style dinner. View or download information sheet
  • Roasted Pork Shoulder is delicious in Mexican inspired meals like tacos, burritos, and nachos or mixed with BBQ sauce for savory pulled pork sandwiches. View or download information sheet
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Chicken has broad appeal and many uses both hot and cold, including sandwiches, salads, casseroles, soups, or pasta. View or download information sheet

Each of our Retail Ready meats is available in three convenient pack sizes—1lb pouch in carton, 1lb pouch in tray pack, and 2.5lb pouch in a clamshell box. The one-pound package is a great choice for one person with leftovers, or for a two-person meal. The larger two-and-a-half pound package is excellent for families or can be divided and used in multiple smaller meals. Varied weights and packaging formats allow you to plan for your store display and your customers’ preferences.

Contact your Miniat representative to learn more!