Staying on top of industry events is important, so we've compiled a list of helpful industry articles and resources below.


2017 Meat & Poultry Facts Book: this 53-page report shares data on the U.S. meat production for the previous year.

Cook in Bag Processing: product development and R&D resource for selecting the proper packaging film for your application.

Humane Animal Handling: information from animal welfare experts on humane animal handling and processing practices

Meat MythCrushers: meat experts answer your questions about meat, animal handling, greenhouse gasses, and more in these video shorts

National Cattlemen's Beef Association: learn more about U.S. beef production

National Pork Producers Council: learn more about U.S. pork production

National Restaurant Association: your source for the latest foodservice and restaurant news 

North American Meat Institute: a website highlighting all of the issues facing the meat industry today