A career with Miniat is an opportunity to work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world while enjoying the unique experience of an employee-focused, family-operated organization. Miniat is committed to our customers, our communities, and our employees. This means ensuring a company culture based on teamwork and inclusivity, growth and career advancement opportunities, and best-in-class operations.

Our South Holland, Illinois headquarters and manufacturing plant, as well as our Carrollton, GA manufacturing facility, requires a large team of talented people. We are always looking for excellent candidates to join Miniat.

Employee Benefits

Our family approach of taking care of our employees means our benefits package, which includes comprehensive medical plans as well as a profit-sharing retirement plan, and bonus program, not only far exceeds the market, but includes employees at all levels and within all departments of the company.

Through research, we have designed and evaluated our benefits package to ensure that it exceeds the market.

Medical and Dental Insurance

Comprehensive medical and dental benefits (Union and Non-Union) with the best options for employer contribution, deductibles, and premiums.

Bonus program

Our team-based culture is reflected in the Miniat Bonus Program. Unlike typical corporate bonus plans, at Miniat all employees are eligible for the program regardless of role. When we collectively achieve our business target, we are all rewarded together, through the bonus program.

Miniat Secure profit-sharing program

As a Miniat employee, you will receive a share of our annual profits, based on company performance. When assessed against the industry, Miniat’s contribution to employees is nearly double that of a standard 401K matching program, and it does not require an employee to contribute even one dollar to participate.

Paid time off (PTO) and holiday time

Educational assistance


Beyond these core benefits, we also strive to provide a work environment that values our employees’ commitment to the company while enriching their personal lives.

• Workplace flexibility
• Ambassador(Onboarding) program
• On-the-job training
• Paid philanthropy hours
• Employee referral program

We are grateful to be recognized for our employee programs.
CTF Illinois
“Community Employer of the Year”
Awarded to Miniat for providing an inclusive work environment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Loyola Family Business Center
“Exceptional Illinois-based Family Business”
Awarded to businesses with a strong commitment to business development, family, and the greater-Chicago community.

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Building Our Employee Community

As a family business, developing a connection amongst the team is a long-established practice of the Miniat culture. We place great pride in continuing to engage our employee community through a variety of meaningful philanthropic and social events throughout the year.

Miniat Ambassadors Program

The Miniat Ambassadors program pairs new and tenured employees to help transition team members into the organization. Through this one-on-one onboarding approach, training and communication are personalized to the specific needs of new employees. This method has been shown to help individuals accelerate the mastery of their new job responsibilities while providing an immediate connection within the company.

Miniat Serves

Miniat Serves allows our employees to volunteer their time to philanthropic initiatives during approved work hours. With busy lives, it can be hard for individuals to find time to give back. We built the Miniat Serves program to support the personal goals of any employee that would like to incorporate service to others into their schedule.

Awards Dinner

Our annual awards ceremony, Driven to Excel, recognizes outstanding contributions from both individual achievement and team collaboration.

25+ Club

Each year we add new members to our 25+ Club, celebrating those employees that have dedicated 25 years or more to the company. We are very proud that as of today, so many individuals have opted to remain and grow their careers with Miniat.

Celebrating Our Shared Success

Throughout the year we take many other opportunities to socialize together. From barbecues to bags tournaments to fundraisers and more, we believe it is important to take time to celebrate our hard work as the Miniat community.

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