At Miniat, our focus on delivering customized solutions goes far beyond the plate. We have designed our commercialization process with built-in points of flexibility that allow our customers to apply creative and unique enhancements throughout all stages of development and production of your protein solution.

Supply Chain

No matter our customer’s requirements, Miniat has the resources, experience, creativity, and scale that comes with sourcing over 100 million pounds of proteins each year. Whether you need specifically-sized, Antibiotic-free Chicken, USDA Choice Beef, Natural Pork, or any other desired specification, we have the market prowess to find, source, and build a custom supply chain around your critical needs.

Our Sourcing Team works closely with the Culinary and R&D Teams to identify the ideal suppliers that align with your objectives and the commercialized product specifications. We work collaboratively to build the right supply chain for your new product, whether it is by leveraging our existing network or developing partnerships with your designated suppliers.

Go To Market

Engaging with the Miniat team to commercialize your product can be standardized, aligned to your existing processes, or completely customized. We have deep experience in both product matching and new concept development.

Product Matching
Many of the world’s leading brands have turned to Miniat to replicate their gold-standard recipes at scale. Whether we are matching another manufacturer, converting a new customer to a precooked solution, or working with an established customer on new product introductions, Miniat understands and excels at the replication process.

Concept Development
Whether developing a new signature protein that will elevate a restaurant’s prep line or an ingredient that will flow through another food production facility, Miniat has demonstrated expertise in identifying and planning for each requirement that will ensure a successful new product launch.

Dynamic Operations

Miniat utilizes the fundamentals of lean manufacturing in our operations. This methodology results in reduced waste, improved workflow, and increased production. When combined with our continuous improvement practices and proprietary technology, we can efficiently produce high volumes of products across a variety of capabilities and processes.

We also leverage agile manufacturing principles that benefit our customers’ evolving needs. This approach pivots manufacturing from a standardized production line to a flexible, customer-specific workflow. We can design new, flexible, and product-specific production processes, by shifting equipment to accommodate the execution of different Culinary Attributes and Custom Processes required to efficiently produce your new recipe. The agile approach also allows us to easily support short production runs for new or regional product introductions, as well as jointly explore new technology to expand upon our core capabilities as your product assortment or menu evolves.

Our R&D and Operations teams love to collaborate with customers to develop innovative methods to manufacture their products.

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