Custom-Crafted Protein Solutions

Creativity, premium culinary attributes, and ease of preparation turn Miniat protein solutions into so much more than a perfectly cooked chicken breast. Our team is committed to collaborating with you to elevate your menu offerings with sous-vide cooked meats and other proteins.

While we have a 120-year legacy in the meat industry to draw upon, and over 30 years of sous-vide expertise, we continue to add innovative capabilities and top-tier talent to provide your business with greater versatility and flexibility. You can take comfort in knowing that our proteins – from signature, service-ready entrees to core recipe ingredients – have been crafted precisely for you.


We are continuously researching, testing, and implementing new capabilities to better support our customers.

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Global Flavors for Signature Tastes

Whether your kitchen has a need for mouth-watering beef rib-eye for Korean barbecue, a succulent pork shoulder for Pork Pastor, or a lean and flavor-packed herbed turkey breast ready for slicing, the Miniat team will help you deliver a signature taste experience that becomes all your own.

From Concept to Service

At Miniat, we understand your need to move quickly from concept to commercialized product and we deliver through our rapid prototyping process. With decades of experience, our team of culinary experts, food scientists, and sourcing professionals are able to meet your timelines while providing you expert guidance and helping you anticipate challenges, avoiding unnecessary delays and expenses.


Custom-crafted to Precisely Meet Your Requirements

Miniat chefs will work with your Culinary and Product Development teams to create, test, and refine the right product to fit your quality, pricing, and operational requirements. With a wide variety of capabilities, we likely have the experience and resources to meet your unique needs today.

Together, we can use our capabilities to create thousands of custom food applications and expand your menu offerings.

A sampling can be viewed in our Concept Gallery.

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