Miniat Gold Standard Proteins

Miniat now offers a limited line of off-the-shelf items known as Miniat Gold Standard Proteins. Items within this program are proven performers that also offer the efficiencies of lower order minimums and quick production times. This is all done without sacrificing any of the quality and flavor that you value in Miniat’s Custom Crafted Protein Solutions.

Whether you are testing a new product, running a limited-time offer, or looking for a solution to grow your business, these quick-turn products can go from concept to your customer’s plate in a few short weeks.

Gold Standard Proteins are ideal products for a wide variety of operations.

Foodservice accounts, hospitality and institutional kitchens, and distributors can benefit from these delicious proteins that adapt well to a variety of menu applications. Large and emerging restaurant brands can also find success with this program by securing consistent supply and allowing for streamlined back of house solutions. This will help fuel further growth and alleviate prep-time and other supply chain challenges.

Ready-to-Order Gold Standard Proteins