Quality Standards

One of the benefits you receive in partnering with Miniat is our accountability to deliver the highest quality product to you, each and every time. We believe that a safe, superior product should be a given and that as a partner, you should hold us to quality standards that are measured not only by how good the product is but also by the excellence delivered at each gate in the process from concept to launch.

These Quality Standards Should Include:


You need to move quickly to introduce new concept innovations, seasonal menu items, and limited-time offers in your stores. This requires a quick turnaround from your request to our delivery. The Miniat team can run as fast as your timeline requires, but we find the best way to deliver on speed is to ensure we get your concept and prototypes right in the initial rounds of development, eliminating costly rework time.


Speed without accuracy adds zero value to your business, or ours. While we can quickly get into production, the Miniat team’s highest priority is accuracy. As we translate your vision from concept to prototype to commercialized product, you can have the confidence that your product will maintain the critical attributes of taste, texture, sizing, and appearance.


The Miniat value system places a premium on service to our customers. We succeed only when you succeed. We are Driven to Serve™ our customers by delivering the highest quality at each touchpoint in the process from our first exploratory conversation to your first production run to the final pallet of product delivered to you as partners.

Food Safety

A primary benefit of working with a custom food manufacturer is improved food safety standards. By eliminating raw meat from your back of house operations, you greatly reduce the risks of foodborne illnesses that can occur through cross-contamination and undercooked proteins. When outsourcing food production, you should feel confident that food safety practices are rigidly measured by your partner. Miniat operates all aspects of our production process at the highest global food safety standards including:

• SQF (Safe Quality Food) Food Safety Certification.
• Supplier requirement for audit against a GFSI-recognized standard.
• Use of a software-based compliance tool that provides real-time insight into operational monitoring of quality and food safety attributes.