Successful menu commercialization starts with understanding how a product will taste when completed and served by your team, on your equipment, and served to your customers during a busy meal rush. Achieving this requires not only the culinary focus of trained chefs, but also a complete team with education, training, and experience in Culinology, Meat Science, Food Science, Research and Development, and more, collaborating with you to envision, design, and perfect your custom solution.

At Miniat, we’re all about collaboration.

Our collaboration approach is flexible to your needs, allowing us to engage at key stages or through the entire process…from articulating your vision to recipe commercialization.

  • Understanding your menu item flavor vision, use goals, portion size, and price
  • Exploring recipe concepts, design, ingredients, prototypes, and sourcing
  • Adapting recipe to fit your operation and kitchen setups and available equipment
  • Testing, tasting, flavor profile refinement, revisioning
  • Recipe commercialization

The Miniat Culinary Center

Our Culinary Center is where the creative process of product development begins. Miniat’s Culinary Team combines credentials and experience in both restaurant and manufacturing environments, as well as specializations in food science and culinary research, to offer unique expertise in the collaboration process. New ideas, concepts, and gold-standard recipes all begin in this space with collaboration between your team and our Chefs.

To ensure our culinary team can effectively trial, test, adapt, and perfect your recipe within your specifications, we start by replicating your process, from back-of-house, to prep and service lines. We are outfitted with the industry’s most frequently used professional equipment and keep current with new innovations made available to restaurant kitchens.

Whether you have a tried and true recipe or a new-found inspiration, our culinary-trained, trend-aware chefs will help translate your vision through the industry’s most collaborative recipe development approach.

The Lab

Directly connected to the Culinary Center is The Lab. This is the space where our Research & Development team of Meat Scientists, Food Scientists, Culinologists, Product Developers, Labeling Experts, and Research Technicians work to actualize your concept into a fully scalable prototype for commercialization. Utilizing their education, experience, and industry certifications in both the culinary arts and food science, Miniat’s R&D team ensures that your concept maintains your standards of taste, texture, and appearance through the scale-up process, leading to full-scale commercialization.

Within our commercialization process, each aspect of product development is monitored and evaluated to ensure your product requirements are met. From the selection of a specific supplier to the determination of product specifications and from selecting the equipment and processes to the approval of your label, the Miniat R&D Team ensures your commercialized product delivers on the expectations set during the culinary concepting process.