The Miniat Internship Experience

The Miniat Internship Program is an experiential education, testing the theories you have learned in the classroom in an operational business. You won’t be shadowing your mentor, assigned menial tasks, or given practice assignments. Our interns are active members of the organization, performing valuable projects in their area of study. Your contribution matters at Miniat and will have a lasting impact on our business while gaining valuable work experience.

“There are countless attributes that differentiate this intern experience from any other, but one of my favorites was the real-world applications, direct company involvement, and professional advancements that each project provided me with.”

— Claire Fraeyman, Chemical Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology

“The most valuable aspect of this experience would have to be all my resources available. I have had so many people help me along the way and push me to think and learn more each day.”

— Kali Sebastian, Biosystems Engineering, University of Kentucky

“Through this internship, I have been able to experience many different aspects of HR and combine my classroom knowledge to real-life situations.”

— Oliver Carroll, Economics,
Illinois State

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