It’s 7:30 PM on a stormy Friday night. Harsh weather means your outdoor seating is closed, while Covid-19 dining room restrictions continue to severely limit your indoor seating capacity. Delivery service drivers are filling your pick-up counter area and the drive-thru line is getting dangerously close to blocking the street traffic. After spring and summer closures and reduced customer orders, this surge in business is a positive sign of rebounding dining habits.

The front of the house is booming, but that is creating a back of house struggle. The kitchen staff is finishing orders as quickly as they possibly can, but there is no room on the grill for any more chicken or steak. With the high demand, ticket time is growing and so is customer frustration. Without the option to reduce the customer’s wait time, your manager is left with little to do but respond to customer complaints.

What if there was one simple solution that could accelerate your back of house operations? Opting for precooked proteins to be finished by your team, you can save up to 50%* on your ticket time when compared to cooking from a raw.  This is a tremendous benefit in reducing the time from order to pick-up.

The ability to deliver fully cooked proteins in a significantly faster time reduces the burden on your stressed kitchen. The benefit of speed not only means you can complete orders in less time, but could also allow you to reduce your total headcount or shift your staffing model to focus more on the customer. All of these changes compound to reduce your labor cost and improve customer satisfaction. This is particularly beneficial to high-volume, quick-service, and fast-casual restaurants that rely upon an efficient order process.

Customers want their food fast, but not at the cost of quality, experience, and taste. The sensory cues of smelling steak cooking on a grill, the sound of carnitas sizzling on a plancha, or the visual of chicken being tossed in a wok, all enhance your customer’s experience. Finishing precooked proteins in your store maintains the experience while improving the process.

The ideal cooking method for commercial proteins is the sous vide process. Sous vide cooked meats are scientifically-proven to be more tender and flavorful than conventionally-cooked meats. The precision of sous vide cooking is nearly impossible to duplicate when cooking from scratch in your restaurant.

Meticulous control over the water temperature and product cook cycle have a transformative effect on all cuts of meat and poultry – from the most delicate to the toughest – resulting in tender, juicy, flavorful products. Proteins are perfectly cooked every time.

In a demanding, high-volume restaurant or commercial kitchens, utilizing sous vide precooked proteins provides the critical benefit of Speed, as well as these incremental benefits to your operation:

  • Consistent Customer Experience with tender, evenly-cooked meat products.
  • Versatility to finish sous vide products using a variety of cooking methods.
  • Streamlined Operations to reduce kitchen prep and finishing steps.
  • Added Value with increased product shelf-life and reduced food waste.
  • Food Safety mitigation with lessened cross-contamination and undercooked meat risks.
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