A common question that we are asked by partners who are considering making a transition to sous vide precooked proteins, from their current cooked from raw process, is how it will impact their current back-of-house operations.

  • Does this process require costly new equipment?
  • Will we need to create additional workspace in an already tight prep line?
  • Will our existing equipment become obsolete?
  • Our budget is already stretched, won’t this add to our product sourcing expense?

Fortunately, the answer to all of these questions is NO!

One of the primary benefits of utilizing sous vide products is the versatility of reheat options and finishing methods. Your kitchen staff can use your existing equipment to bring proteins, grains, legumes, or vegetables to their proper temperature within the sealed bag. From a simple pot of simmering water to a state-of-the-art rethermalizer and everything in between, reheating tender, precisely-cooked sous vide products, can transform your back-of-house operations with little to no impact to your current space and equipment.

WATCH a quick video about the many ways that Miniat’s Sous Vide Precooked Proteins can be reheated.

Our protein solutions offer just as much versatility when finishing outside the bag for moist, flavorful, and unique menu-options.